Profile of the Chairman

Awal Sir

Md. Abdul Awal

Honourable Chairman of the Board

Mr. Md. Abdul Awal is one of the Sponsor   Directors of Express Insurance Limited. Presently he is the Chairman of the Company. Earlier he was the Vice-Chairman of the Company for one term and the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board for consecutive three terms. Mr. Md. Abdul Awal is a bachelor of Business Administration. He started his business career soon after completing his education. In 2005 he started his share trading business house Synthia Securities Limited having a membership of Dhaka Stock Exchange. He is also a sponsor shareholder of Mercantile Bank Limited. Within short period of time he become a successful businessman by dint of his hard labour, sincerity, honesty and amiable dealings. He is the member Secretary of ‘Abdur Razzaq & Mohammed Selim Foundation’ a non-profit organization engaged in social welfare activities with a view for  helping the less previledged people of the society  with their education & health care.