Profile of the Chief Executive Officer

Md. Anwar Hossain

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Md. Anwar Hossain joined in this Company in September, 2006. Before joining this Company Mr. Md. Anwar Hossain started his insurance career in October, 1991 joining Bangladesh Co-operative Insurance Ltd. as a Development Officer. For his dedicated service & satisfactory performance he was promoted on exclerated basis and there he served in various capacity including branch In-charge. Next he joined Northern General Insurance Company in June, 2000 and served there upto September, 2006. In his long 30 years of insurance career he served in various capacity and gathered vast experience in insurance business which made him capable enough to handle insurance business efficiently.

Profile of the Additional Managing Director

Md. Badiuzzman Lasker

Additional Managing Director

Mr. Md. Badiuzzaman Lasker earned BBA Degree major in Marketing. He started his service career in insurance industry in the year 1995, when he joined Bangladesh Co-operative Ins. Co. Ltd. . He served there for 2 years then he served in Northern General Ins. Co. Ltd. For 2 years, thereafter he served in Islami Insurance Bangladesh Ltd. for 2 years. He also served in Takaful Islami Insurance Co. Ltd. for 12 years. Mr. Md. Badiuzzaman Lasker has long 26 years of experience in Insurance sector and this made him capable to hand any situation in Insurance business. He has been assigned the responsibility of Head of Marketing of Express Insurance Limited in January, 2021.